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Our team of experts provides innovative solutions to the most challenging marine and offshore projects, from the successful transport of the longest turbine blades in North America in historic low water, to working with NASA to lessen damaging vibrations on tall structures like wind turbines. We combine engineering, marine services, and heavy lift, coupled with years of experience in offshore mobilization and renewable energy, to connect our customers with the right resources and unique solutions tailored to their needs.

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80m Turbine Blade Transload and Engineering

Largest Single Coastwise Offshore WTG Transport

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4 CTVs – American Offshore Services

SEAOG Projects Cover

Cajun Wind – Prospecting Wind in LA state Waters

CAD Drawing of turbine blades

R-TED Marine Stabilization from Space

Solve Oversized Offshore Transportation Challenges with Our Marine Expertise

We help you move oversize and heavy turbine components quickly and safely. With our experience in wind transportation and offshore energy mobilization, we can help you acquire assets, engineering, and marine services to fulfill your US market needs.

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