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Engineered Marine Solutions
for the Offshore Energy Industry

With SEA.O.G, you’ll gain easy and reliable access to marine assets, engineering, and marine services, enabling cost-effective transportation from American factories to American foundations. As the first vessel owner to cover both blue and brown water operations, we’re proud of our maritime heritage, expertise in wind transportation, and offshore energy mobilization.

Empowering Offshore Success

Harnessing Expertise for Unmatched Marine Solutions

Our experienced team is committed to providing the highest quality of services; from the transport of offshore wind turbines to offshore wind farm mobilization, we have the maritime heritage, passion, and expertise to make your project come to life.

Our Commitment to Trusted Offshore Procurement and Logistics

SEA.O.G provides experienced and reliable procurement solutions for contractors in the offshore energy industry. With a combination of engineering, marine services, and heavy lift transportation, we have delivered successful projects for our customers around the world.

Propel Your Offshore Wind Projects to the Finish Line

SEA.O.G is a reliable provider of marine transportation, project logistics, vessel operations, and more— delivering cost-effective solutions from U.S. factories to U.S. foundations.

Innovative Marine, Offshore and Heavy Transport Engineering

Our experienced engineers are experts in marine, transport, heavy lift, and method engineering.

Expertise in Marine Services

With our mission of delivering excellence in marine services, we offer you the very best technology and unparalleled expertise.

Heavy Lift Transport Solutions

Our team of local experts offer reliable energy industry and heavy lift transportation, as well as various forms of operating and marine logistics support services.

Easy, Reliable Marine Transport

Tap into SEA.O.G’s unique combination of engineering, marine services and heavy lift transportation for your next project. Enjoy elevated solutions backed by a reliable team of professionals who are dedicated to moving offshore wind projects forward.

Experienced Sourcing for Marine Assets

Make use of SEA.O.G’s extensive experience in engineering and marine services to acquire the assets you need quickly and efficiently. Rely on us for offshore wind resources so that you can get the job done right, every time.

Reliable Offshore Wind Project Logistics

Let us be your go-to source for reliable acquisition of marine assets, engineering, and marine services for offshore wind energy – with SEA.O.G you can rest assured that your project is in good hands!

Innovating Offshore Marine Construction

Redefining Renewables with the ADAPT Barge

Pioneering Marine Stability from Space

A Partnership Between NASA and SEA.O.G

Stay Current with Offshore Wind Energy

Marine and Renewable Industry Insights & Updates

Through our offshore wind company blog posts, we share industry trends, commercial operations and updates, and thought leadership related to clean energy readers can stay informed and empowered.

Our Clients Speak Volumes

Streamlined Offshore Procurement for the U.S. Market

Discover the powerful impact SEA.O.G has on businesses, conquering challenges and driving success with our innovative solutions.

Advance Your Offshore Wind Project with SEA.O.G

SEA.O.G is your one-stop shop for marine assets, engineering, and services for the U.S. market. With our purpose-built vessels, you get easy access to reliable marine transport and more.

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