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Reliable Marine Services Across the U.S.

Streamline Marine and Offshore Projects with SEA.O.G Offshore

Discover SEA.O.G’s cutting-edge solutions, with our engineering, marine, and heavy lift transportation services available to customers all across the U.S. Learn more about our locations so that you can get your next project done right – faster and more efficiently than ever before! 

Secure Marine Solutions for U.S. Market 

 Diverse Marine Projects Deserve Tailor-Made Solutions

Get reliable engineering, marine services, and heavy lift transportation from our five key locations across the US. Our team of experienced professionals provides solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Plus, we are the first vessel owner to cover blue and brown water operations, so you can be sure to have access to all the resources and solutions needed for your unique project.

 Conquer Oversized Marine Transport in the Lone Star State
Houston's Engineering and Heavy Transport Leader
Leave the hard work to us! At our Houston office, we offer comprehensive engineering and heavy transport solutions, perfect for any offshore or marine project. With our experience in maritime transportation, offshore energy mobilization, and an unparalleled maritime heritage, you can trust that your needs are taken care of. 
Reimagining Coastwise Heavy Transport
Unparalleled Offshore Solutions in New Bedford
With expert engineering, marine services, and heavy transport, SEA.O.G. provides easy and reliable solutions in New Bedford and throughout the US. Our experienced teams ensure the seamless execution of every project, no matter how complex.
Acquire Marine Assets in NYC with Ease
Access the Top Solutions for Marine Projects in the Heart of America
At our office in New York City, we have expertise in engineering, marine services, and heavy lift transportation. This enables us to provide our customers with efficient solutions for any marine or offshore project. 
Revolutionizing the Offshore Wind Industry
Experience the Power of Atlantic City's Offshore Services 
With our full suite of services in Atlantic City, you’ll have access to an all-encompassing solution for your offshore project. Our experience in wind transportation and energy mobilization keeps us at the forefront of reliable marine asset acquisition.
 Innovative Offshore Services
Exploring Possibilities on the Waterfront of Humboldt County, CA
From engineering to heavy transport, let us help make your next marine project near Humboldt County a success. Our specialized services ensure you get the right assets for a trouble-free experience. 
The Solution to the U.S. Offshore Expertise Shortage 
SEA.O.G has personnel all across the US – providing the easiest way to acquire marine assets, engineering, and marine services for the U.S. market. Through our specialized combination of services, SEA.O.G.O is the ultimate solution for any marine or offshore project.
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