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Largest Single Coastwise Offshore WTG Transport

Largest Single Coastwise Offshore WTG Transport

What was the objective of this project?

To move a complete windfarm worth of blades to a project site in the midwest 75 turbine blades ranging in size from 67-74m over 80mw of power generation capability

What did SEA.O.G Offshore contribute to this project?

Engineering Services, Field Execution, Barge Prep and Sea Fastening, Marine Contracting, Marine Coordination/weather routing, transload operations, and management

Where did this project taking place?

South Texas, Louisiana, and Mid west.  (our locations are top secret ;))

What was the timeline for this project?

2 months factory to DC (distribution center where they were offloaded

Any other key info you can give us?

Offshore Engineering, Barge Stability, Motion analysis, 3d modeling

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