SEA.O.G recently closed the book on a 300mw wind farm transportation project in Eastern Canada.  The project required the transportation of over 1000 components.  With the help of  SEA.O.G’s transportation planners and local field professionals on site these heavy components moved through port facilities and local factories via, rail, heavy lift ships, trucks and barges, all the while being monitored by TrakReport.  The scope of work included maritime operations pre-planning and stowage verification of planned heavy lift vessel operations, cargo condition surveys and inventory at marine terminals / factories, rail loading supervision, rail car modification, truck loading supervision, Marine Warranty surveys, and marine terminal / longshoring health and safety consultation.

Short Sea – the future of routing for wind turbine transportation in North America.

SEA.O.G has been on the forefront of unique maritime solutions for the wind turbine transportation industry over the last several years.  Planning potential projects on the Intercoastal Waterway, Mississippi, St. Lawrence, and Colombia Rivers.  SEA.O.G, has pre-planned hundreds of possible scenarios with various turbine types matched with various equipment types from the most popular ports of import to the most popular inland destinations.

For these types of transports many factors come in to play, what type of equipment should be used, how should the cargo be bedded and lashed for the voyage?  What weather restrictions for the tow should be enforced?  When working with SEA.O.G these questions and many more have been meticulously studied and solutions provided allowing for thorough and rapid review and approval by underwriters.  This gives OEM’s an off the shelf solution saving thousands of dollars in engineering and planning.

It’s all in the details

How TrakReport brings MWS to the 21st Century

Not only did SEA.O.G offer comprehensive planning solutions for the barge load outs and discharges.  Our transport planners and Marine Warranty Surveyors were actually able to aggregate weather data forecasts to ensure the weather restricted tow was proceeding per agreed parameter in the tow approval with their proprietary technology TrakReport.  This allowed the team to predict operational delays and track the equipment and cargo in real time throughout the operation in order to mitigate risk.  Once alongside the team of planners and the customer were able to view, in real time, the status and condition of the discharge.

Perfect Partners for Offshore Wind Transportation

SEA.O.G’s unique transport designs and ability to source the right partners and equipment, positions them as leaders in the up-and-coming offshore supply chain. “The transport solutions we are providing to OEM’s now can be used in reverse to support the up and coming offshore wind supply chain in the future.” Said SEA.E.O James Clouse. The engineered solutions, supply chain knowledge, HSE expertise and experience in planning marine transports for wind turbine components in North America makes SEA.O.G an excellent partner for offshore wind operations.

SEA.O.G is a valued and trusted partner in short sea wind turbine transportation, providing high caliber accurate planning for OEM’s on a direct basis.