Facilities Information and Resources Management System (FIRMS) codes are four-digit identifiers consisting of both numbers and alphabetical letters, assigned by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to manage customs bonded facilities. The alpha-numeric code represents the exact location of imported cargo in the United States.

How Are FIRMS Codes Assigned? ​

FIRMS Codes are assigned to customs bonded facilities including container freight stations, warehouse deconsolidators, foreign trade zones, and bonded warehouses.

These facilities are secured areas where imported dutiable goods are stored, manipulated, and undergo other manufacturing operations without paying duty. A FIRMS code is assigned to each of these facilities when the bond for the location has been successfully filed with the CBP.

A CBP bond can be acquired by accessing the Bond Centralization Program on the CBP website. You can find this information under the Trade tab, followed by Programs and Administration, and last under Bonds.

All facilities with a FIRMS code have been bonded and are in the Automated Manifest System (AMS) or Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) to more easily process and transfer goods across the border.

What Are FIRMS Codes Used for?

​FIRMS codes are useful in many ways – from entry to the protection and tracking of bonded goods.

Perhaps their most important function, FIRMS codes are used to communicate with a US Customs Port of Entry. Because FIRMS codes are required on import paperwork, inbound transit orders, and other Customs documents, without approved bond and FIRMS code designation, there’s a chance that foreign arrivals will not be approved. The codes are necessary to facilitate any electronic process at a port of entry.

FIRMS codes are also crucial for importers and customs brokers because they can use them to notify the CBP of the exact location of a bonded shipment in the case of inspection.

The codes assist in the protection of goods, making it easier for warehouses to keep track of the shipments. They also make it possible for CBD to notify the warehouse once the cargo has been cleared for duty and taxes.

Fast and Accountable

​FIRMS codes make the overall process of entry quicker and hold everyone involved in the movement of freight accountable.

CBP provides a list of FIRMS Codes. If you are unable to locate your code, please contact the facility where your goods will be located pending Customs clearance to get that facility’s FIRMS Code before you file your entry.

If you have any additional questions about FIRMS codes or need assistance filing for a bond, contact us today!