SEA.O.G Offshore Solves the Need for Industry Know-how in a New Market

In June of this year SGRE CEO Andreas Nauen when interviewed by the Business Network for Offshore Wind was asked a straightforward question: What are the main criteria for factory locations in the USA for offshore wind?  His response included uncomplicated, reliable, and economical transport of components between port facilities.

For the success of the industry, the transportation linkages between the posse of likely port contenders on the East Coast is crucial to understand.  One step further, the linkages to the offshore wind parks are equally as important to understand.  The market needs to have a full view and understanding of how to transport this specialized equipment safely and efficiently.  The key to understanding this potentially complex web of ports, projects, cargo and cabotage is planning.

At SEA.O.G Offshore we are able to bring local industry experience with offshore energy project logistics and wind turbine supply chains by offering turnkey integrated support for shore base marshaling operations with services such as:

Project Visualization – Terminal operations, RO-RO, Laydown, Port Infrastructure

Marine Engineering –RO/RO ballast plans, FEA, Hydrostatic stability, Motion Response, Cradle/Grillage design and fabrication, sea fastening plans.

Barge Transportation – Full service marine contracting, new build opportunities for purpose-built equipment.

Project Execution – SPMT Operations, Project Management, Ballast Engineers, Port Captain, Safety Representation, MWS.

Project Controlling – Our IT Solutions Base for real time reporting of project financials and TrakReport for cargo condition and location.

Bridging Maritime and Wind in the USA

SEA.O.G Offshore is rooted in deep maritime heritage with staff comprising of commercial fisherman,  master mariners, and ex-Navy. All with extensive experience in offshore energy infrastructure logistics and marine heavy lift operations/safety.  Our customers are supported by a team of safety professionals, engineers, and project planners which have been actively supporting the USA Renewables and maritime industries over the last several years.

At SEA.O.G we have a clearly defined concept of how to advance the interests of local content while creating streamline and easy to understand pricing models for key industry players. Our planning allows for us to dial in real world scenarios and asses how to effectively quantify and apply local content to any offshore wind project.

SEA the Difference

SEA.O.G has completed the planning and execution of some of the most complex renewable project transports in the industry.  Our team has contributed to the safe transport of nearly 30,000 turbine components for over 400 wind projects in the US and Canada, engineering and coordinating nearly 1,500 components by tug and barge.

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